Students at UVa-Wise have created an interactive map and guide exploring and explaining the remarkable biodiversity of the Clinch River, the many recreational opportunities available throughout the watershed, and the welcoming communities along the river.  Check out this exciting new resource at .




This is the official Clinch River Valley Initiative map.  This map will be edited and improved continuously to help promote goals of all action groups.  The current version displays many access points, businesses, historic and cultural sites that the region offers, but feel free to leave any comments on the post and they will be considered and possibly incorporated.


One of the best maps that highlights historical, cultural, and natural assets of the region can be found at

Below are a series of maps developed by students at the University of Virginia that identify cultural, historical, and recreational resources in the Clinch River watershed as well as access points and many other resources along the Clinch River.  They are being updated to include other information as the planning effort moves forward.

Maps created by the Community Design Assistance Center at Virginia Tech (from the October 4th Clinch River Strategy Meeting)

Additional maps produced after the October 4th meeting in St. Paul

One Response to Maps

  1. Lynn Crump says:

    These maps and the information gathered are very good. However, I believe you have missed an important piece of information. It seems that the scenic river designations in the areas are missing from the resource assessments. There are designations on the Clinch, the Guest, Big Cedar Creek and the Russell Fork. If you need digital/ mapping information on them I can provide them. Sincerely, Lynn Crump, DCR

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